8 Ways To Improve Productivity Around the Office

When you spend 8 hours a day at the office, it’s important that those hours are met with comfort, focus, and drive. It’s so easy, though, for employees to find dips in productivity and morale. So what are the secret factors that go into creating positivity and productivity in the workplace? How do you keep and maintain that productivity?

Company Culture

The office should be a place that your employees want to be. A positive company culture, then, is important to cultivate. Encourage coworkers to spend time getting to know each other personally, inside and outside of the office. Company lunches and company sponsored events, such as a movie night, are a simple and fun way to promote these relationships. When coworkers understand each other, connect, and collaborate on work, productivity increases. If employees can build off of each other as a team, the whole business benefits from it.

Office Space

A dark office with sectioned-off cubicles doesn’t exactly read as an inviting environment. Help employees feel relaxed and happy at work by putting thought into office design. It’s common knowledge that nature views ease the mind and increase concentration. You can invite nature into the workplace by opening windows, and bringing in office plants and flowers. A cheery coat of yellow or orange paint can also help employees feel positive about their environment and settle in each day for productivity.


A healthy worker is a happy worker. Encourage employees to increase their endorphins by providing extra health benefits. For example, installing a bike room at the office, encourages employees to ditch the car and bike to work. Some businesses offer reimbursement for monthly gym memberships. Sponsoring a company sports team will not only promote health, but it cultivates rapport, as well. Allow the option for standing or treadmill desks. Also, there are many affordable and wise options that allow for businesses to provide healthy lunches for their employees every once in awhile. Someone who is healthy and happy finds much more energy for productivity.

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