Annuity, Lottery, And Structured Settlement Funding

At Wexum, we are excited about the opportunity to provide our clients with the opportunity to raise capital without having to take on debt.  Our annuity liquidity program allows someone the ability to access cash in the time of an unforeseen financial need, whether it be a health related issue or the emergence of a lucrative business opportunity.

Annuity Liquidity Program

Our annuity liquidity program allows someone to sell all or a portion of their guaranteed future payment stream to obtain the cash they need today. Whether it is lottery winning payout, an inherited annuity, or a structured settlement, if you need the money now, we may be able to help. A guaranteed, predictable cash flow is the key.

Contact Wexum To Get Started

Our annuity liquidity program allows you to avoid prohibitively high surrender fees. To get started, you will need to provide us with:

  • A copy of the underlying contract/policy guaranteeing payments
  • The date of the first and last payments
  • The amount and frequency of your payments

Wexum will help you leverage your annuities, lottery payouts, and structured settlements to get you the injection of capital you’re looking for. Contact us now.