Business Properties Expect Growth In Austin’s CRE Market


The commercial real estate market in Austin, TX is showing no signs of slowing in 2019. With Google signing a lease on a new office tower and a new Whole Foods coming to town, commercial real estate investors in Austin are preparing business properties that are already in their portfolios or sizing up new acquisitions to increase their revenue.

Tech Startups and Niche Businesses

The business sector in Austin keeps in-line with the city’s motto. It offers a very unique landscape that attracts tech startups and niche businesses alike. From the major data firms to video game publishers, digital marketers, and everyone in between, entrepreneurs are looking to lease office space in Austin for the prestige the city offers, as well as all the interesting stores, restaurants, music venues, and events. Commercial real estate investors in Austin should renovate existing properties in their portfolios to get them ready for business tenants, because the startups and emerging entrepreneurs with very niche ideas will be looking for a base of operations.

Restaurants, Bars, and Music Venues

Entertainment and nightlife are a big part of what makes Austin attractive to residents, professionals, and visitors alike. Even in the past few years, we’ve seen certain restaurants and clubs come and go, and now more opportunities are opening up for commercial real estate investors and developers. As Austin expands, the empty lots and abandoned places are being eyed for adaptive re-use, or to be brought into the modern era with a complete overhaul. Many restaurant owners are looking for new establishments and there’s no such thing as too many places for live music in this city. Finding or building a place that can attract establishments for long-term leases will be a key ingredient to Austin’s growth.

Financing Business Properties in Austin

At Wexum, we provide a wide range of financing options specifically for commercial real estate in Austin, TX. From acquisitions to renovations, refinancing, and even large construction projects, we have you covered. Our team will work with you directly to create a finance strategy that fits the size and scope of your next project, so you can get the funding you need without any delays, and start generating revenue. Contact the experts at Wexum and get started today.


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