Mergers And Acquisitions Financing

Wexum provides financing solutions for those interested in pursuing a merger or acquisition, seek a controlling interest in their company, or seek debt or equity in an effort to improve their capital structure or gain market share by acquiring a competitor. We understand that these type of transactions are often time-sensitive and may be complex in nature, potentially impacting everything from the company’s management structure and a loyal workforce to its commercial real estate, inventory and equipment. Wexum will help you find the best way forward and do so in a fashion that will not only allow you to achieve your goals, but to remain focused on running your business during the process.

Keeping a Merger or Acquisition On Track

Wexum can help you secure the capital you and your business need to carryout a successful Merger & Acquisition transaction. Deal sizes ranging from a few hundred thousand to a few hundred million or more are possible. Furthermore, consider the following benefits of working with Wexum and its affiliates:

  • Success based representation, we only get paid if we get you your capital
  • Flexibility in terms of deal structure and sources of funds
  • Ability to scale and raise additional capital as needed in the future

Contact Wexum

If you are not sure where to turn to get your deal done, contact Wexum and let us see if we can help.