Franchises: Popular Franchising Options to look in to

Trendy Franchise Options for Entrepreneurs

Franchises are a great way for new entrepreneurs to start a business without much of the work needed of a traditional startup. Franchises provide support and a business model for owners.  Here are some trending franchise business opportunities in some industries that are trending currently and you may not have considered before:

Educational Franchises for Children

Parents are continuously looking for great after school activities that will challenge their children and are not relying solely on the school district.  In the suburbs especially, parents are looking for educational opportunities focused on STEM subjects. Mathnasium and Primrose Schools are two exceptional franchises that fill that need.

Property Management Franchises

People are investing in real estate to rent out and need services to manage them. A couple of good franchise options in this area include Real Property Management and All County.

Fitness Franchises

Fitness gyms are increasingly popular and have not saturated the market by any means.  Even where there are several large named fitness clubs in the area, smaller franchises like Retro Fitness and Orangetheory Fitness are able to come in and offer better more private gyms.

Pizza Franchises

Everyone loves pizza and owning a pizza restaurant franchise is a great option for many entrepreneurs.  Consider this newer pizza franchise, Kono Pizza that gives pizza a new twist coming in a cone.

Wine and Paint Franchises

Though it is a fairly new industry it is clear that people love the combination of drinking and art.  Consider these two wonderful franchises: Pinot’s Palette and Bottle & Bottega.

Home Care Franchises

As the baby boomers continue to age, more and more home health care services will be needed.  Two good franchises to consider are Right at Home and Seniors Helping Seniors.

For more information on these trending franchises contact Wexum.


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