How To Gain Your Spouse’s Support for Your Dream

Starting a business is challenging and often time-consuming. You typically have a passion for the work, however, so you are more than willing to spend the time necessary to make it a success. Unfortunately, your spouse may not have the same passion and may not appreciate the amount of time you spend working on your new company. These are a few tips for smoothing those work-life bslance disagreements.

Share Your Goals

Your first task should be sharing your goals and dreams with your spouse. This should occur before you ever open your company, but you may have to reiterate this information throughout the startup process. You should also share everything that is going on in your company with your spouse. If you are struggling in one area or have succeeded in another, share this information. As you reach and set new goals, your partner needs to know. Share how important your company and goals are.

Pursue Open Communication

One of the best strategies for any relationship is maintaining open, honest communication, but it should be quality communication that occurs frequently. Yes, you can be honest and not speak with your spouse often, which will be frustrating to the other party. Discuss your schedule and what tasks are on your list each day. Don’t hesitate to ask for what you need, and ask what your partner needs.

However, talk about other things that matter as well. For example, does your spouse want you to attend an event that is coming up or have a special outing that you can do together? Ask about your partner’s schedule as well. Make sure you discuss the important things about your relationship too. Don’t focus solely on your work. Also, be there in the moment when you are talking. Don’t think about all the things on your to-do list or how you will respond. Just listen and share.

Evaluate Your Work-Life Balance

If you consistently hear that you have no time left in the day for your partner or that you are always gone, you may be at fault. It is so easy to get caught up in all the excitement and tasks required to succeed, especially if you are passionate about your project.

However, you need to balance your work and life. Therefore, don’t immediately take offense when your spouse complains. Instead, look at your schedule. How many times have you worked past 6 pm in the last month? When do you typically go to work? Make sure your schedule is realistic. Set realistic goals and expectations.

Starting a company and working toward your dreams is exciting. However, don’t forget to find a work-life balance.


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