Make Your Business Eco-Friendly With These Strategies

Eco-friendly business practices allow you to assist in ensuring the well-being of the planet for current and future generations. Additionally, conserving energy and equipment saves you money, and running a green company impresses and draws in customers. Here are some strategies you can use to make your business more eco-friendly.

Conserve Energy

To relieve stress on the environment and impress your clients, power your office with eco-friendly renewable solar, wind, hydro, or geothermal energy. Look for green energy incentives that help finance the conversion. Consider using green web hosting, an eco-friendly and affordable option that runs servers on renewable energy.

Reuse and Recycle Supplies and Equipment

Look for eco-friendly ways to meet your needs for office supplies and equipment. For instance, instead of purchasing and discarding disposable pens, consider using models you can refill with ink. If your furniture is showing its age, try refurbishing it instead of replacing it. When you need to upgrade your computers, recycle or donate older equipment. Put someone in charge of supplies who has a vision for greening the company and can keep waste to a minimum.

Use Green Suppliers

Procure goods and services from eco-friendly suppliers. Obtain supplies that are sustainably produced and recyclable, require minimum packaging, and do not harm the environment. To further reduce your environmental footprint, attempt to find suppliers in your local area.

Save on Postage

Use digital means of communication whenever possible. However, when you have to use the physical postal service, acquire eco-friendly envelopes made from recycled paper. When you send out mailings, reusable envelopes save money and paper by eliminating the necessity for reply envelopes. Be sure to periodically trim your mailing lists so that you don’t waste supplies and postage on client addresses that are no longer valid.


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