San Antonio Industrial Properties Offer New Opportunities for Investors

Revenue for industrial properties is on the rise in San Antonio, TX. For commercial real estate investors in San Antonio, now is a great time to purchase new industrial properties or renovate existing structures to attract tenants. There are a number of reasons to look at San Antonio industrial properties as a way to increase your bottom line.

The Growing Transportation Industry

San Antonio is heavily traveled by freight carriers. As the freight industry grows, both shippers and carriers will be looking at San Antonio industrial properties to lease as warehouses, shipping centers, places for equipment and maintenance, and much more. Having a convenient base of operations along a major transportation route helps to improve logistics and keep our economy rolling.

Beyond Storage

Laboratories, manufacturers, research and development centers, and other industries are also very interested in San Antonio industrial properties. Local commercial real estate owners rarely have to do anything to accommodate these tenants, because they will handle the costs of any specific build-outs that are needed. Additionally, industrial tenants bring their own maintenance crew or have contracts with maintenance companies, which further lowers the overhead cost to the property owner. What’s more, tenants typically provide security, handle property insurance, and utilities. Currently, San Antonio industrial properties provide the most turn-key real estate for generating revenue in the area.

Higher Rent and Longer Leases

Most businesses take an interest in leasing industrial properties because their operations cannot fit into regular office space. As such, commercial real estate investors can charge more rent per square foot than elsewhere. Unlike residential properties, such as apartment buildings, the turnover at San Antonio industrial properties is much lower. Business tenants tend to sign leases ranging from three to ten years, giving investors a steady and reliable revenue stream with very few concerns. In many cases, businesses want to make longer arrangements due to the location and its access to other major cities.

Financing San Antonio Industrial Properties

At Wexum, we specialize in solution for commercial real estate throughout San Antonio, TX. Whether you are looking to purchase an industrial property, or you want to renovate an existing building to attract new tenants, we can help. Our team will work with you to understand your requirements, and then we will arrange financing to help you reach your goals so you can start generating revenue. Contact the experts at Wexum to get started.


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