San Antonio Office Space: Upcoming Market Trends for Investors

Within the commercial real estate market, a focus is being put on San Antonio office space. Traditional office space is attracting a lot of businesses that want to make San Antonio a base of operations or open additional offices in the area to have better access to the Southern and Midwest regions. However, there are a few trends that are making their way into the San Antonio property market, and investors need to consider them to appeal to business tenants.

Hybrid Office Conversions

Tech startups, marketing firms, and manufacturers working side by side? It seems like an odd combination, but more office spaces are taking a hybrid approach to maximize revenue. Not all businesses can fill up space in a commercial property. San Antonio investors are starting to create hybrid conversions to office buildings to reduce vacancies and increase revenue. The trick is to see what businesses are looking for space, and then provide for their needs.

Yes, And?

In the same way that luxury apartments are starting to include more amenities, office spaces in San Antonio are doing the same. On-premises gyms, cafes, game rooms, and more are more attractive than the traditional cube farms of a few years ago. If employees have places to relax, or to do something on their breaks without leaving the premises, they are more productive. Business owners realize this, and are looking for San Antonio office space that can accommodate those trends.

Non-Traditional Financing

The rate of growth and transactions involving San Antonio office properties is picking up pace. As such, local commercial real estate investors need financing tailored to the size and scope of their undertakings, without any of the high requirements and delays caused by red tape. In order to expedite things and not miss out on lucrative opportunities, San Antonio property investors are pivoting away from traditional lending channels and finding lenders with funding programs tailored to local property markets. Lenders that deal specifically in commercial real estate can arrange financing for everything from simple acquisitions to large-scale construction, and everything in between.

At Wexum we provide solutions for the San Antonio commercial real estate market. Whether you are purchasing your first office property, or if you are renovating an existing office building in your portfolio to get it ready for market, we can help. Contact Wexum today and start exploring your options.


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