Steps to Building a Successful Business Team

March Madness results demonstrate the power of a strong team.  The coach brings a diverse group of people together and tries to create an environment in which the team can succeed. Team members share information and support each other as they reach for challenging goals.

We’ve put together a few tips for building your winning business team.

• Explain the rules.

Tell team members their roles and responsibilities, their objectives as a business team and the corporate goals.

• Outline how teams work.

A team develops by getting to know each other (forming), challenging each other (storming), establishing relationships (norming) and then performing.

• Check-in at the bench.

Take time to gather the team and talk about what is working well and what they can improve as a group.

• Assess team strengths.

A behavioral assessment tool like DISC can help the team understand the work styles of teammates and how to work together effectively.

• Develop a ‘play book’.

A team charter outlining how members should behave and interact gives guidelines to existing (and new) members.

• Build team fundamentals.

Having a common approach for interacting, resolving issues and giving feedback will improve team productivity.

• Explore expectations.

If you understand how business team members want to participate and be recognized, you’ll be better able to elicit the best from the group.

• Say ‘thank you’.

You can boost team morale through public recognition of contributions, large and small.

• Have conversations.

Set aside time to exchange ideas for building the business.

• Sponsor team building.

Offsite activities can help the team get to know each other and work together better.

• Encourage fun.

De-stress the team by providing time to share laughter.

• Take time to celebrate.

A ‘thank-you’ meal, special occasion, or just time to relax can build team bonds.

Talk with us about how we can support your business team with financial solutions.  The Wexum team is here to discuss what it will take to get you ‘the win.’


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