The Basics of Accounts Receivable Financing

Understanding your options with financing can be useful when you run into problems with cash flow. While traditional bank loans may seem like the best solution, there are plenty of factors that can prevent this option from working out in your favor. When your access to working capital is halted due to late payments from clients, you may not have the time to wait for a loan application to process. This is why a service like accounts receivable financing may prove a bit more advantageous. Consider these points and learn more about this service.

How AR Financing Works

Your cash flow is dictated by a few different factors. Above all else, you require consistent payments from customers you have provided goods and services to. When even one person is delayed on making a payment, it can prevent you from using capital to cover necessary expenses related to daily operations. What’s more, you can’t take advantage of future growth opportunities without available capital. AR financing involves selling these unpaid invoices to a lender who will advance you a portion of the funds you are owed. The difference, minus a fee, is distributed when the client fulfills the invoice.

The Advantages of AR Financing

The biggest benefit to accounts receivable financing is access to capital. The longer it takes for clients to pay funds that are owed, the longer it takes for your business to get back on track. The cash you are provided with AR financing can help cover these difficult times until you start seeing more consistent payments from clients. Additionally, the flexibility of the service can be quite useful. Whenever you have invoices that have not been paid, you can simply reach out to a lender that provides AR financing services and stimulate your cash flow.

Final Thoughts on AR Financing 

Before you jump at the opportunity to use this service, there are a few points to keep in mind. AR financing may be helpful, but there are sometimes intense fees attached. If you have the option of waiting for payment from the client, it may work better for you in the long run to wait. Additionally, not all invoices will be approved. Typically, lenders will only purchase invoices that come from trustworthy organizations that are guaranteed to pay back the funds. This often disqualifies many invoices from local or small-scale clients.

In order to keep your business in operation, you need access to capital. Explore the ins and outs of a service like accounts receivable financing to see if this is the right solution for your needs.


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