Time Management Tips for Superior Productivity

If you feel like you never have enough time to get everything done, don’t despair. You can get the most important things done and move forward. Here’s how to gain control over your time:

• Make a plan: Don’t just dive into your day without a roadmap. Get organized in advance so that you spend your time purposefully. Make a to-do list and mercilessly prioritize it. As you complete the list items, you get the satisfaction of crossing off each task. Since the tasks at the top matter most, you always get the crucial things taken care of.

• Use ROI to help prioritize: Tasks that make more money, increase business funding, or yield the most value, should go at the top of your list.

• Tackle the top task: Even if it’s a challenge, when you complete the task, you’ll feel energized to go to the next list item.

• Streamline and focus: There are always a few urgent tasks that take longer than they should. Try setting a strict (yet realistic) deadline and get each time-consuming task done quickly. Eliminate unnecessary steps to refine the process of getting repetitive tasks done.

• Delegate or forget it: Those things that are low on the list—they’re by definition least important. They bring the least value to your life and work. If they never get done, you’ll likely be just fine. Delegate low-level tasks if you have staff, or hire a consultant who specializes in the task—they’ll get it done quickly. Or just drop it from your list.

• Keep moving: Know when you’re done, cross off your item and move on. Set aside perfectionism and give tasks only the time and attention they deserve.

• Celebrate success: Give yourself a few moments of glory at the end of your day or the completion of a big project. Acknowledge your accomplishments and realize that you’ve made great progress. Now, plan tomorrow’s list!

This time management system will ensure you make steady progress toward your business (and life) goals. For more time management secrets and expert business funding advice, contact Wexum today.


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