Tips for Getting Financing for Franchises

When it comes to the risky matter of launching a business, already established franchises are comparatively safe propositions. The greatest hurdle to bringing one into existence is acquiring the necessary funding. Here are some strategies for increasing your odds of getting what you need.

Consult Your Franchisor

Many chains work directly with aspiring owners to get them up and running. When applying, they will introduce you to an in-house financier who can make this happen. A personal stake is viewed as proof of commitment, meaning you are unlikely to be funded entirely this way. Expect somewhere between 15% and 75% of your overall burden to be satisfied. Plans focusing upon specific areas of operation, such as equipment or operational costs, might be part of the arrangement.

Utilize an Expert

Before committing to any terms, be positive you are making the correct decision. Consult with an outside financing expert for reassurance. Many specialists exist in this field, so select a guru who possesses relevant knowledge. This person can also instruct you regarding how to maximize your appeal to lenders. Advice seekers are typically not charged unless resources become secured.

Seek Money Alternatives

Not all capital comes from traditional banking sources. Grants and government assistance are available under certain conditions. Veterans can access cash through programs devoted specifically to their needs. Individual investors can be another major source of revenue. Work your network and let everyone know you seek partnerships. Connect with as many people as possible to increase your overall odds of this path materializing. Put yourself out there by joining a church, participating in a community play or enrolling in continuing education. No matter what you do, constantly socializing will help you make those all-important contacts.

Prepare Yourself

Financial institutions are most likely to accept your proposal when they see a well-conceived, actionable plan. Luckily, franchises provide slick materials designed to illustrate their viability for this exact purpose. Research the store you wish to open and quiz yourself to confirm that you have retained the information. Most critically, rehearse your formal presentation before attempting to sway banking representatives. The better prepared you are going in, the more likely you will come away successful.

Franchises are a fantastic way for budding storeowners to get into the game, but securing the required backing can be a challenge. Consider all available options, learn as much as you can and never stop until your goal has been achieved.


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